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Police Swag: Is It Worth Dying For?

Police Swag: Is it worth dying for?

As a Marine, I was supposed to be willing to die for the Flag. That mixture of symbols represented everything “Murica” and if my life was sacrificed on on the battlefield for those colors, so be it. Marines have pride. Pride for days.

Come at me, bro!

But what about Cops? Is our Police Swag worth paying the ultimate price for? Specifically what about a delightful Thin Blue Line Flag ? (On sale from the excellent retailer ThinBlueLineShop.com) I received a flag and love it. It has good feel, good looks, and I adore what it represents.

But that same flag on my front porch screams: “I got guns and high capacity magazines!” In gun restrictive California. It invites retaliation against your home or car from disgruntled passerbys. Some places in America, supporting the police is “cool.” In many places, it just paints you as a target.

Come at…my house?

My old department used to get license plate frames with an antique code for our department written on it. It was a neat way to show support and pride, but in a subtle way. When one of our own went rogue and declared war on the department (True Story-may he burn in Hell) he was kind enough to point out in a manifesto (you know you done F’d up when you make a “manifesto”) what the license plate frame meant and that he would use it as a “target indicator” during his rampage.

It sucks to have to take all the pride you have in your workplace and bury it deep inside, but it also sucks to have your house vandalized. The Financial Independence crowd preach “Stealth Wealth.” Cops off duty do well to practice Stealth Pride.

Stealth Pride

You want to see the epitome in Stealth Pride? The best piece of undercover police swag I’ve gotten my ink stained hands on was a tie on sale by ThinBlueLineShop. They provided me one to conduct several field tests.

I like the tie: its fairly slim cut and accentuates my truly trim figure. Granted it hasn’t done anything for my permanently pixelated face, but one can only ask so much of fashion. The thin blue lines are appropriately representive without giving anything away. Wearing this tie “In the field” I readily secured a “guilty” conviction in 2/2 traffic court cases. 100% success ratio! Whether this was due to the tie or my provided video of the violation, I will leave to you, dear reader.

He should have just taken traffic school.

In conclusion, there are lots of neat products out there to help you feel better about the sacrifices you will be forced to make in this police life. Police swag items are a great way to feel part of our embattled community, but expose your pride wisely. Whether you are flying a delightful TBL flag of support or slipping through the business world with a TBL Ninja tie, just give a thought to safety when sporting all the sweet, sweet police swag available at locations like ThinBlueLineShop.com.

Readers: What do you think of police swag? Worth the danger? I love the flag, but in my garage it only inspires me. I love the tie, but in public I just look like the snazzy dresser I only am for court. Otherwise I look like an overworked layabout stay at home father. Its easy to sell the truth.

I received free samples of the products discussed above, but my opinions are my own. 

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