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5 Reasons to Resign From A Police Department

I loved working for “Big City.” That place was awesome! I had a partner, a paycheck, and plenty of police powers. Why would I ever leave? Because sometimes you need to GROW UP and resign from a police department.  …
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Guest Post: Revisiting “Why American cops kill?”

Hello Internets! My last post “Why American Cops Kill Americans” inspired a SOLID response by fellow Californian Street Cop Philosopher “Eui Joung.” His international insight and local knowledge is best displayed in his own words and are reposted here with his…
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Why American Cops Kill Americans: Its not Race or Guns

Hey America, let’s talk about death. Specifically, let’s talk about deaths caused by our own guardians and the true reasons why American Cops kill Americans. As the resurgence of the Stephen Mader case has brought renewed shock in this phenomenon,…
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Why You Should Start a Cop Blog

We all know American perception is reality. Don’t like it: we  bomb you. We are a teenaged society based entirely on visual aids and we have accepted having someone else analyze the world for us is entirely acceptable, even if they…
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How to Detain a Millionaire

Here’s a fun one. “How to detain a millionaire.” You want to talk Stealth Wealth? I’ll tell you about a contact I had while patrolling the streets. This legitimate millionaire was detained for the most basic of crimes and you would…
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Why do we have Fat American Cops?

Why do we have Fat American Cops?   Everyone knows Americans carry a lot of weight politically. From pushing North Korea to behave to straight up owning Iraq and Afghanistan (until we didn’t), we are known to have a heavy…
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