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LA County MOUs

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San Bernardino County MOUs

Riverside County MOUs

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San Diego County MOUs

Bay Area MOUs

Welcome to JackCatchem.com’s MOU Review! I’ve compiled a list of salaries and benefits as listed by MOU and conveniently stacked them against one another, providing you with a wider perspective than a single contract offers. Dissatisfied with your current contract? You may not have much to complain about! Feel free to browse and tell your friends about this site!

This is an ongoing project. I’ll be adding departments and details as time goes by. So check back later to see additional counties and departments listed.

If you see something that is incorrect or have a request, hit me up at Jack@JackCatchem.com. Also bear in mind that I only use publicly posted information in the creation of this spreadsheet. If you want something corrected, please direct me to the correct site.

Finally, this is a summary of salary and benefits. There’s always additional clauses and catches that I can’t distill to a brief sentence. If you are interested in a department, be sure to look at their actual MOU for the full, unabridged story.