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Who is Jack Catchem?

Christian Wolcott (AKA Jack Catchem) spent the last decade in Local Law Enforcement in California. Most of his time was spent in Big City PD. Recently he moved to The City PD and could not be happier. This blog is dedicated to helping cops (and “aspiring cops”) find their bliss. Expect mild pontification along the way. For ease of navigating the site, feel free to click on my “Am a cop” or “Want to be a cop” to be directed a lists of posts specifically for you.

Prior to patrolling streets for a City, Jack patrolled wastelands as Marine Corps Infantry. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and occasionally participated in combat. Usually by accident.

Jack Catchem

Making War look easy.

Jack Catchem graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors in History and later received a Masters in Criminology from the University of Cincinnati.

Jack Catchem .com is focused on providing an inside look at a the costs and benefits of a cop’s life. Whether reading from outside the thin blue line or within, all are welcome. I post every Tuesday and Thursday, so feel free to drop by whenever, but that’s when new content will land. If there’s a topic that hasn’t been covered, just ask! I’ll write it up

If you are new to reading blogs, good news: it’s a very interactive platform. If you have comments, criticism, or want some help figuring out what you want to do in the law enforcement world, drop a comment or send me an email (jack@jackcatchem.com). Don’t want to ask a friend/family member? That’s what the internet is for! Ask Jack Catchem.

On another note, you will see ads scattered throughout the site. A website is cheap but not free, so if I help you out or amuse you at all, click an ad for me. Free for you, some pennies for the site. Thanks for coming to Jack Catchem .com!