Jack Catchem.com

Friends and Resources

Listed below are some of this blog’s best friends and resources. If you like my material, you will love these sites:

Financialsamurai.com : “Sam” has an amazing blog that I truly enjoy reading weekly. He’s smart, writes well, and can be inspirational. He’s the one that managed to “Inception” me into starting JackCatchem.com. 

Wannabeacop.com : A primary ally in the War on Cops. It’s cool to hate the Blue, I get it. But thanks to guys like Jaden, knowledge is dropping like manna from Internet heaven. Why haven’t you clicked the link yet?

Policeone.com : Police One has a ton of great videos, news, and links to other blogs. Well worth the time.

Governmentjobs.com : Governmentjobs.com is THE resource for local Law Enforcement hiring in California. Almost every city that is hiring hires through here. I used it myself and if you are qualified, you get a response, unlike many other websites out there.