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World Policing

Muslim Ban Police Jurisdiction

Muslim Ban Police Jurisdiction I recently saw a hilarious article about the L.A. City attorney trying to bully his way into LAX where some travelers were being turned back. He was afraid for their rights and making a scene. This…
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Why California Policing is the good life

I’ve been accused of selling the whole “Be A Cop” thing pretty hard. Guilty. I think being a cop is a special duty and privilege that not very many people get to do. I worry that our society undervalues the…
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Chinese Cops Vs American Cops: Gripes and Complaints

Chinese cops vs American Cops. 4 Problems Chinese AND American Cops Face. Ever read Terry Pratchett’s “JINGO“? Great book. War is averted because two cops from separate cultures are able to unite to stop a criminal warmonger. Why? The bond of…
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