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Battle of the Badge Benefits: LASD VS LAPD!

LASD vs LAPD Alright reader: a friend of mine is asking detailed questions about the big two West Coast policing agencies: LAPD vs LASD. He inspired me to craft a critical analysis of the pay and benefits of each. With both weighing…
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The Benefit Of Police Paycheck Transparency

Benefits of Police Paycheck Transparency   I took a ride along recently and somehow the topic of Police Paycheck Transparency came up. Lets call my Ride Along “Rider”. Rider wants to be a cop and is in the process with…
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What is the best college degree for a cop?

What is the best college degree for a cop? I recently stumbled across this gem of a question during my regular investigation of the internets at large. “What is the best college degree for a cop?” After first being taken…
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When should a cop get a Master’s Degree?

Should a Cop get a Master’s Degree? [This post has been updated 3/12/2016] The American education industry is out of control! Student debt is overwhelming and “for profit” schools circle poor students like sharks. Subtle hints like ITT tech going…
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