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Blood on Sunset

Blood on Sunset Kevin James had two loves, but they couldn’t coexist. Life with his Ex had been one continuous party, until their daughter Claire was born. Kevin adapted to new responsibilities, but his Ex couldn’t. She left one night…
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For A Fistful of Dollar: Bury Me On Sunset

 For a fistful of dollar Gavin was riding his skateboard at night near Lincoln Park while his mother was walking a few feet away. As Gavin practiced his sick skateboard tricks, he was absorbed by the board. His tight jeans…
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A Bachelor’s In Street Science: Bury Me On Sunset

WARNING: this blog post contains foul language. Vernacular. Cool word, bro. It means the “language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular country or region.” I speak three and happily conflate them in my writings: Marine, Californian,…
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That’s how you get shot: Bury Me On Sunset

Here’s another excerpt from “Bury Me On Sunset.” Do you want to get shot? Chapter 22: Because that’s how you get shot. Six hours after “celebrating” Mr. Rodilla’s Meth powered Birthday, Gus and I returned to Sunset, the street of…
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Nat Geo-style Tips for Body Cameras

Body Cameras: I love the outdoors. If you can’t tell from the pictures of that I always use at the top of my blog posts, I can’t get enough of it. I almost lost my mind during my stint in an office…
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Hey! Where Did “Taking Point” Go?

This is for all the loyal readers who are saying, “Hey! Where did Taking Point go?” Having completed the Twenty original stories I started out to tell for the Iraq War section Cremaster of War, I took it offline to…
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Bury Me On Sunset

You can tell I love stories. I always wanted to write novels but was never consistent with writing, thanks to this blog I’ve almost completed my first of two “Taking Point” novels. It’s been a fun project and I loved…
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The AR-15: Victim of Prejudice

Large, dark, and feared by all true blue liberals, the AR-15 has become a symbol of predatory fear. Meanwhile the Communist AK-47, with its curvaceous appeal, comical banana magazine, and sultry wood accents is a symbol for the oppressed worldwide!…
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