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  The Millennial Dragon. With bored eyes of blue Cop doomed her: “Your warrant is due.” The dragon claws in fear It screams, it roars. “Cop, I’ll do ten years. I’m three months pregnant My child born in prison? Fuck…
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The Disney Effect: No Body Camera, No Trust

Thanks Disney! You’ve proved what I’ve long suspected. A cop with no body camera isn’t a cop at all, just another unreliable witness in a sea of post modernist lies and half truths. Just because you are paid for your…
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Feedspot Shows Some Love

Thanks to Feedspot “Jack Catchem.com” was   Whoo! Go team! & And A thank you to my readers! (Even the Norwegians).     …now back to the Grind.

Why American Cops Kill Americans: Its not Race or Guns

Hey America, let’s talk about death. Specifically, let’s talk about deaths caused by our own guardians and the true reasons why American Cops kill Americans. As the resurgence of the Stephen Mader case has brought renewed shock in this phenomenon,…
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Year 1: What I earned from a Cop Blog

Here’s a post I’ve been waiting all year to write: What I earned from a Cop Blog. Last year in March I was inspired by financialsamurai.com and the antics of the day to start a blog. There’s lots of people…
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Army Bonus : A New Wells Fargo Scam

My friend at Cash Flow Celt pinged my radar on the Army Bonus issue. Check his article here. I’ll say if there is one thing I learned in my time in the military, I learned this: Uncle Sam gets his.…
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Laws I Hate: Blue Hate Crime

That’s right, I (a cop) think making violence against police officers a “hate crime” is pointless. I’m not a District Attorney, and they may be able to persuade me otherwise, but from what I’ve seen, I don’t see the need.…
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Debunking the Sheepdog Mythology

The sheepdog theory. It is EVERWHERE in the law enforcement world. Essentially: “There’s three types of people in this world: sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves.” You see it on evetry Blue Pride t-shirt and Blue Power blog. I get it, it’s…
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