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Monthly Archive: August 2017

Blood on Sunset

Blood on Sunset Kevin James had two loves, but they couldn’t coexist. Life with his Ex had been one continuous party, until their daughter Claire was born. Kevin adapted to new responsibilities, but his Ex couldn’t. She left one night…
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Police Swag: Is It Worth Dying For?

Police Swag: Is it worth dying for? As a Marine, I was supposed to be willing to die for the Flag. That mixture of symbols represented everything “Murica” and if my life was sacrificed on on the battlefield for those…
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War On Cops? Credit Unions have your back!

War on Cops got you down? The Millenial Josh Wilson is visiting today to give you the good word on some surprising support in our time of need: Credit Unions! Credit Unions that Support Police Officers By Josh Wilson, a…
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For A Fistful of Dollar: Bury Me On Sunset

 For a fistful of dollar Gavin was riding his skateboard at night near Lincoln Park while his mother was walking a few feet away. As Gavin practiced his sick skateboard tricks, he was absorbed by the board. His tight jeans…
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