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Monthly Archive: April 2017

Why do we have Fat American Cops?

Why do we have Fat American Cops?   Everyone knows Americans carry a lot of weight politically. From pushing North Korea to behave to straight up owning Iraq and Afghanistan (until we didn’t), we are known to have a heavy…
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The Benefit Of Police Paycheck Transparency

Benefits of Police Paycheck Transparency   I took a ride along recently and somehow the topic of Police Paycheck Transparency came up. Lets call my Ride Along “Rider”. Rider wants to be a cop and is in the process with…
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The Lateral Cop Strategy For Success

The Lateral Cop Strategy for Success.   Hey cops, let’s talk career success. Most cops adhere to Basic Marine Corps Strategy for their career: Full Frontal Assault. After that fails five to seven times, they consider waiting awhile and doing…
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6 Lessons Learned by Quitting Policing

6 Lessons Learned From Quitting Policing   You learn nothing from success. You learn everything from failure! Guess what I learned from quitting policing? I slid my badge across the desk, slung a large bag of equipment and weaponry over…
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Why I Quit Policing After Six Years

Why I Quit Policing After Six Years.   That’s right, I gave up. Six years into the only serious career I ever knew, I resigned from my job, and quit policing. I was a highly productive street copper. I was…
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