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Monthly Archive: February 2017

Year 1: What I earned from a Cop Blog

Here’s a post I’ve been waiting all year to write: What I earned from a Cop Blog. Last year in March I was inspired by financialsamurai.com and the antics of the day to start a blog. There’s lots of people…
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Emoji Police Reports : The Future of Policing!

Emoji Police Reports  I love looking into the future of policing. It’s why I wrote posts about how driverless cars will revolutionize my career field and why I have had several discussions about body cameras (from how they increase violence…
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Muslim Ban Police Jurisdiction

Muslim Ban Police Jurisdiction I recently saw a hilarious article about the L.A. City attorney trying to bully his way into LAX where some travelers were being turned back. He was afraid for their rights and making a scene. This…
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