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Monthly Archive: August 2016

Life Lessons: from Traffic Court?!

Stranded in traffic court. Again. Looking at the crowd of hopeful citizens looking at the crowd of cops knowing they are all thinking “I hope MY officer isn’t here.” But I am. I’m always here. I know who to blame:…
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Why love cops on a 3/12 schedule?

I got an email from an incensed reader who was frankly jealous of law enforcement’s 3/12 work schedules. I get it. I’d be jealous too! Working long hours is a norm in this industry, but being able to compact your…
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How to be cop & make six figures a year by 25!

While happily perusing one of my favorite websites (financialsamurai.com) a guest blogger wrote an interesting article on how he was able to make over $100k in salary by age 21. The owner of the blog followed up with a query:…
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World Police: Norway vs USA

There I was, contentedly crunching through the information that Facebook’s algorithm has determined I NEED to know about when I was confronted with a short video. Norway cops vs USA cops! I watched it thinking: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong,…
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Pokemon GO: GOing Undercover

There’s a new sensation sweeping the nation. It’s catching untold millions in its devastation and anyone could be a victim! Even worse it’s not following gender or generational lines. Fortunately, I have conducted first hand research to understand “Pokemon GO”…
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