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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Why Even Be a Cop? (Deputy, Agent, Ranger, Etc)

Welcome to 2016, the best year to date for cop haters. Cops are being murdered in the streets, prosecuted in the courtroom, and derided on the Internet. Why be a cop? With such dangers why would anyone possibly want to…
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Dallas: What Now?

After Dallas, I can already hear the talking heads preparing to snap and bite over what path law enforcement should do in the wake of the outright murder of police officers providing security for the BLM march. I have the…
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The AR-15: Victim of Prejudice

Large, dark, and feared by all true blue liberals, the AR-15 has become a symbol of predatory fear. Meanwhile the Communist AK-47, with its curvaceous appeal, comical banana magazine, and sultry wood accents is a symbol for the oppressed worldwide!…
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