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Monthly Archive: June 2016

Orlando: Leeroy Jenkins

Call it the “LJ” test. It’s like the reverse form of Occam’s razor. If you are caught in a tactical discussion just ask yourself: is this what Leeroy Jenkins would do? If the answer is yes, you need new tactics!

5 Policing Styles: from the Submariner to Magneto!

Media portrayal of cops is boring and two dimensional. Cops are badge heavy at best and more suspect than the suspects at worst. But cops are people too! We have as many personalities and behavioral differences as any other cluster…
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Uber: A Cop’s Friend or Foe

And I thought taxis were bad. Little did I know that the app-revolution would bring a new terror to my patrols. Before Uber you just had to watch out for any ugly yellow car barreling down the street and doing…
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