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Monthly Archive: May 2016

How Gray’s Anatomy Made Me a Better Cop

No, not the book. The TV show! I am not a fan of the majority of TV shows out there. (Clever passive time sucking entertainment, not like the glorious active mental exercise of reading a blog!) Still, some things are…
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Combat Zone Finance

Personal finance is a fun topic and it only gets better when it goes to war!

Stephen Mader vs The Tactics gods

I love policing because of its dynamic complexity. At any radobo call you must please three masters, at the same time! Its hard, but almost ART when done right. Obviously, Stephen Mader did not please the three masters of Law, Politics,…
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The Driverless Car: The End of a Policing Era

Thanks to the Louis L’Amor, John Wayne, and anyone involved with “Tombstone”, the “Wild West” is remembered fondly in the American imagination and held with reverence in much of the Law Enforcement community. With Lawmen chasing Bandits across the open…
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The DoJ: Felons and Convicts no more!

There I was, happily browsing the morning news when I stumbled across this gem. An attention grabbing article about the Department of Justice no longer using the label of felons or convicts since they are hurtful labels that prevent true…
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