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Emoji Police Reports : The Future of Policing!

Emoji Police Reports  I love looking into the future of policing. It’s why I wrote posts about how driverless cars will revolutionize my career field and why I have had several discussions about body cameras (from how they increase violence…
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Muslim Ban Police Jurisdiction

Muslim Ban Police Jurisdiction I recently saw a hilarious article about the L.A. City attorney trying to bully his way into LAX where some travelers were being turned back. He was afraid for their rights and making a scene. This…
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What to do when a police department won’t hire you

What to do when a police department won’t hire you. I am a pretty optimistic guy and usually talk success here on JackCatchem.com. Today let’s talk failure. Specifically, what to do when a police department won’t hire you. Unfortunately this…
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Top 3 Awkward Cop Conversations With Partners

Awkward Cop Conversation: Probation is tough, especially in a department that rolls two person cars. Especially in my “alma mater” of Big City. Reputation was everything, so everyone had to like you or you would get burnt. Being trapped inside…
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Nat Geo-style Tips for Body Cameras

Body Cameras: I love the outdoors. If you can’t tell from the pictures of that I always use at the top of my blog posts, I can’t get enough of it. I almost lost my mind during my stint in an office…
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Why California Policing is the good life

I’ve been accused of selling the whole “Be A Cop” thing pretty hard. Guilty. I think being a cop is a special duty and privilege that not very many people get to do. I worry that our society undervalues the…
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Stress Academy or Adult Learning?

Stress Academy or Adult Learning: Which is the right Police Academy for you? Here’s a controversy for you, Police Academies come in two styles these days: Stress Academy or Adult Learning Acare my. First, some quick definitions for the uninitiated.…
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