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Police Departments hire Nerds!

Here at Jack Catchem.com, I handle only the most critical, fascinating, and deeply troubling issues confronting law enforcement from a Fabulously Californian perspective. This Thursday’s revelation is a real mind bender, so hold onto your butts. Based on my extensive…
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Stop The Gender Biased Police Physical Fitness Tests!

Halt! PoliceOne.com (CNN for cops) just blew my mind. A judge decided police physical fitness tests are GENDER BIASED. This must stop! Social Justice Warriors ASSEMBLE! Per the article, some insane Colorado Police Department instituted a mandatory physical fitness test…
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Jack Catchem Reviews “Without Fear Or Favor”

Without Fear Or Favor Here’s a new bent for this blog. Some perceptive internet-person sent me a book in exchange for a review. Words for words? Seems like an equivalent exchange. Thus this: Jack Catchem.com’s first book review: “Without Fear…
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That’s how you get shot: Bury Me On Sunset

Here’s another excerpt from “Bury Me On Sunset.” Do you want to get shot? Chapter 22: Because that’s how you get shot. Six hours after “celebrating” Mr. Rodilla’s Meth powered Birthday, Gus and I returned to Sunset, the street of…
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The Disney Effect: No Body Camera, No Trust

Thanks Disney! You’ve proved what I’ve long suspected. A cop with no body camera isn’t a cop at all, just another unreliable witness in a sea of post modernist lies and half truths. Just because you are paid for your…
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Feedspot Shows Some Love

Thanks to Feedspot “Jack Catchem.com” was   Whoo! Go team! & And A thank you to my readers! (Even the Norwegians).     …now back to the Grind.

Battle of the Badge Benefits: LASD VS LAPD!

LASD vs LAPD Alright reader: a friend of mine is asking detailed questions about the big two West Coast policing agencies: LAPD vs LASD. He inspired me to craft a critical analysis of the pay and benefits of each. With both weighing…
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